The solution


We created Sensoo so both hoteliers and their guest can benefit from all the features it provides.

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The system consists of over 10 modules.
The solution was developed in 17 years.
Implemented in over 17,000 rooms.
users annually.

Integrated, all in one.

Everything is controlled by a single software.

What is Sensoo?

The system represents a complex package of innovative personalized solutions which meet the most demanding requirements of hotel managers, be it the optimization of resources or the comfort of their clients.

We consider it very important to start focusing on providing comfort and good experience to the guests, but also on using all the resources in a smart way.

Hardware Modules

We created Sensoo so both hoteliers and their guests can benefit from all the features it provides.

Access Control

The access control module is a QR/RFID reader adapted to hotel requirements with access control able to manage several access groups such as customer, cleaning staff, reception.

Energy Control

The economizer is designed to turn off the power supply when no one is in the hotel room.

Smart Sensors

The smart sensor reads and manages the environment it is set into. Therefore, the smart sensors mounted on the door, window, bathroom and flood alarm provide constant information about the room.

Lights Scenarios

It is an electronic module that can control the lighting circuits in the room. The panel is configurable so different lighting scenarios can be chosen (e.g. morning scenario, evening scenario)

Temperature Control
The thermostat module has been developed for hospitality industry to set operating modes such as free room, accommodated room with or without customer, idle room. The temperature control solution, together with the Sensoo thermostat, are present in over 3,000 hotel rooms.

Staff Management

The module will allow a through analysis of personnel and their work. It monitors the activity of staff throughout the facility by recording the entry and departure times of each hotel employee.

Software Modules

Innovation, Performance, Comfort.

All in one.


The module generates periodic and personalized reports making it possible to monitor and easily review the functions of your hotel staff.

The In-Room Tablet

The room tablet is a wall-mounted and allows the monitoring of the systems in the hotel room. The graphic interface allows control of the lighting and the air-conditioning system, as well as BMS functions such as DND and MRC.

My Sensoo

My Sensoo is an interactive platform through which customers receive real-time information on the activities carried out in the hotel throughout their stay. By means of My Sensoo, the customer can request room service, book a restaurant table, thus fully benefiting from the hotel’s facilities and offers.

Recovery Cloud

The Recovery Cloud module is an application which generates and stores in the cloud a back-up copy of the system, making possible data recovery and system restoring.